Undeniably real estate is one of the most, if not the most profitable, and preferable investments in existence today as it has been 100 years ago as well. Can you just imagine what the feeling would be to do what you really love without having to worry about whether it brings income or not since the real estate investments you’ve made are now making you so much as to live a plentiful life with your family!

That’s exactly what a great investment is supposed to do. It has got to bring a considerable amount of income without you having to work for that actively so you can enjoy life to its fullest with the ones that really matter!

That’s exactly where we step in.

A well-selected real estate investment is supposed to bring in positive cashflow from rents. This is the real real estate investment. There surely are alternatives, unfortunately, quite speculative and this is not something we do with hard-earned capital.

Security and profitability are guaranteed by investing in real estate long-term if you do it properly of course though which is again guaranteed by investing with us, Bolgar Capital!


Why invest in real estate with Bolgar Capital?

  • Professionalism in real estate investing and management with more than 7 years of experience.
  • Fully passive investment for you – tenants and all related problems are not yours to deal with when investing with us but ours.
  • Secure, guaranteed, and very high profitability generated by a liquid asset – real estate
  • Support and advice when making the right financial decisions.
  • Huge growth potential.